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Happy Holidays!

Yield Curve Control Blues

Quick Indicator Comments

Sorry, This Is All I Have...

Lagging Economic Indicator Still Lagging

Currency Swap Comments From The BIS

Banks, Securities Markets And Risk

Yield Curve Inversions And Recessions

The Yield Curve And Bank Net Interest Margins

Fed Reversal Pricing

Crypto Failures Versus Bank Failures


Random Comments 2022-11-11

Primer: Bank Capital

Social Media Discontents

Bank Liquidity Management Introduction

Runs, Cascades, Squeezes, and Crises

The Markets Made Me Do It!

Initial Comments On Sissoko Paper: Money Markets

Nobel* Prize Chatter

Crisis, Pre-Crisis or No Crisis?

Primer: Basics Of A Swap Meltdown

We Finally Got Our Minsky Moment

Gilt Market Mayhem!

Paper On Türkiye

U.K. Fiscal Policy: Boom

Bank Treasury Operations

U.S. CPI: Ouch

Comments On The Russian Military Collapse

Bank Reserves Demystified

Reasons For Scepticism About Nominal GDP Targeting

The Incentives For Inflation "Targeting"

Slow Progress On Agent-Based Models

Primer: Leveraged Financial Firms

Slope Inversion: What's Next?

Fractional Reserve Banking And "Fraud"

"Technical Recession" (Sigh)

On Bottom Up Inflation Analysis

Bank Of Canada Goes Just Plain Nuts

What Is A Recession?

Fractional Reserve Banking And Its Discontents

The Perplexing Problem Of Credit In Macro

Crypto And The Real Economy

Treasury Market Pricing

Fed Panics

Hike Until Something Breaks

Disinflation Needed A Lot Smaller Than Early 1980 Case

Canadian Data Roundup

The Great Borrower/Lender Mismatch(es)

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Shadow Banking...

TIPS Valuation Commentary

Macro Effects Of A Hypothetical Crypto Crash?

US Housing Component Of CPI Not Letting Up

Credit Growth And Recession Forecasting

Bond Yields And Recession Risk

Banking Debate Woes: Part III

Banking Debate Woes Part II

Banking Debate Woes (Part I)

Central Banks Need To Focus On What They Can Control

Where Are Supply/Demand Curves?

What Is The Trend, Kenneth?

Measuring Term Premia (And Other Comments)

Fed Flattens The Curve

Does The Fed Really Care About Real Rates?

On Central Banking, Monetary Policy And Inflation (Guest Post)

Currency Regime Shift Effects Over-Rated

Waiting For Diplomacy

Comments On "MMT And Policy Assignment..."

War In Europe

Geopolitics And Uncertainty

Incoming Fed Rate Hikes

Canadian Protest Comments

MMT Wrangling Back...

New SFC Models Feature: "Flexprice" Solver

Expectations Explain The Secular Collapse In Treasury Yields. Deal With It.

Central Banking Confusion

Fed Has Plenty Of Time To Decide

Breakeven Inflation Forecast Accuracy

Whither r*?

Comments On Starting To Do Economic/Financial Analysis In Python

A Few Inflation Topics

Fed December Meeting Minutes

Canadian Provinces And Parallel Currencies