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The "Economists Monkeying With The CPI" Debate

Inflation And The Labour Market

Jackson Hole Drive-By Comments

Stop Trying To Make BRICS Happen

Castillo-Martinez And Reis Article On Interest Rates

Neoclassical Interest Rate Articles

Inflation Or Nominal GDP Targeting? Whatever.


Inflation Targeting In Practice


Random PPI Observations

Advantages To Procedural Changes In Bond Market?

Torrens Q&A Zoom...

Alex Douglas On Arches And Money

Went Fishin'

40 Million Canadians!

Bernanke & Blanchard Paper Comments

Sellers' Inflation

Status Report: Summer Lull

Primer: The Cantillon Effect

CEA MMT Panel Post-Mortem

U.S. Breakeven Comments

Degrowth Versus Sustainability

Pleading The Fifth On The Fourteenth

On Steve Keen & Friends Livestream

When Will The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine End?

Money Multiplier Mudslinging

"Greedflation" Debate

Will The Fed Keep Reacting With A Lag To Lagging Data?

Another Bank Bites The Dust

Reserve Currency Blues

The Canadian "Fiscal Crisis Of 1994-5"

Central Bank Independence As A Secret Ingredient?

Silly "MMT" Drama

IMF WEO Debt Reduction Chapter

Comments On The Omran/Zelmer MMT Critique

Substack Notes

Tax And MMT Mudslinging...

Further Comments On Funded Public Pensions

Public Pensions And Net Debt

QE/QT And Deposits

Learning From This Crisis (MMT Perspective)?

Late Fed Hike Comments

Narrow Banking: A Bad Solution To A Non-Existent Problem

Currency Swap Facility Comment

Bank Capital Contagion Comment

Primer: American Bank Insolvency Losses

What We Learned: Something Is Seriously Wrong With Silicon Valley


Credit Matters

Oh No, Panic In Silicon Valley

Yet More Rambling About My Upcoming MMT Presentation

Debt/GDP Ratio: Beware "Real Analysis"

Financial Markets And Inflation

Government Bonds As Money

Paid Substack?

MMT After The Pandemic Shock

One Weird Trick That Neoclassical Economists Hate!

Inflation Index Calculation Basics

Core Inflation Woes

MMT And Banking

The Return Of The Debt Ceiling (Again)

Old Heterodox Banking Debates

Basis Point Usage


The Difficulty Of Modelling Banking

Yield Curve Control Sustainability

Currencies And Geopolitics